Self Advocates For a Brighter Future

Self Advocates for a Brighter Future (SABF) website is currently under construction.

SABF is a group of Self Advocates from the Greater Victoria and surrounding areas, on Vancouver Island,
in Beautiful British Columbia.

Our group meets monthly, and sometimes more often for special events. Our group includes everyone who is interested in learning more about self advocacy; practicing our self advocacy skills; and taking some serious advocacy actions.

Some of the things we’ve done in the past are:

  • Helped make a film called “Values and Principles of Community Living”
  • Attended workshops in Victoria and Vancouver
  • Hosted an all-candidates meeting before the provincial election
  • Ran a tent at our community One Day event selling drinks and SABF stickers – Raised $160.00 at our first fundraising opportunity!
  • Hosted other self advocates from around the province to talk about their experiences
  • Twice a year we celebrate the season
  • Met new friends and had fun!

For more information, please contact:
Kristen Kay: 250-727-3891 or email
Sharon Sinclair: email

Self Advocates for a Brighter Future
1—3891 Douglas Street
Victoria, BC, V8X 5L3
Phone 250-727-3891
Fax 250-721-2571